BitCoin Lotto: A Brief Overview

I am sure we all have heard about Lotto. But have you ever heard about Bitcoin Lotto? If not then we are here to help you with all the information about Bitcoin Lotto.

Starting with the basics “what is lottoexactly”? So, Lotto is a lucky draw game where you buy lottery tickets with a random sequence number and a draw is held which determines the winning sequence. And brings you the opportunity to play online Bitcoin lotto and the best part is they offer $4,500 Bitcoin and more once you win the online lotto game. Isn’t that amazing?


Are you thinking about how to play online lotto? Need not worry, the steps are really simple and easy to follow. I have mentioned all the ways through which you can get your online lotto ticket and participate in the game. Before everything, you need to login to your FreeBitco. In account and then follow the procedures mentioned below:

  • Free BTC roll: The Free BTC page allows you to earn $200 Bitcoins every hour. You just need to complete a simple captcha and you will be rewarded with 2 lottery tickets.
  • Referral Free Rolls: You can refer to your friend the website and earn 1 free lottery ticket every time your referral spins a freeroll.
  • Wager on the HI-Lo dice game: Here you can win 1 lottery ticket every time you wager a bet of 500 satoshis. Remember the more you wager the more lottery tickets you earn.

Lotto lottery starts every Monday and ends on the following Sunday and 10 lucky winner gets the chance to win unlimited free Bitcoins.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing and start winning!